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ielts coaching classes in v.v. nagar Orientation session is conducted on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday to provide brief information about the different tests that are taught at the centre, what are the different modules of the tests, on what basis is the assessment made, how the coaching will be scheduled etc.

toefl coaching classes in ahmedabad Following the orientation, batch timings will be allocated to the students as per their convenience. Daily 4 main batches are being conducted by the individual faculty members and an additional 2 batches for the test takers. Coaching centre is also open on Sunday as per the convenience of working professionals.

toefl coaching classes in vadodara Every Saturday, we conduct Mock Tests and evaluate the performance of each students to determine where they stand and what should be the changes made in the teaching strategies.

best toefl coaching in Ahmedabad We also have a Test Taker’s Batch wherein students prior to one month from their exam need to attend the batch along with their regular one. During the batch, various types of exam strategies and last minute polishing sessions are conducted.

toefl coaching classes in v.v. nagar Total of two and half hours of lecture is conducted wherein strategies are discussed for one of the modules and practice tests are conducted for two other modules. In a whole, each student practices each module twice or thrice a week.

GRE Coaching classes in ahmedabad Additional batches are taken forth for polishing English language, Grammar and communication skills of the students. We also organize different activities during the lectures wherein the students have something or the other to learn while having fun.

GRE Coaching classes in vadodara Well-equipped library and computer lab is open for the students for the whole day wherein they can refer to different materials/books and practice for their tests.



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