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IELTS exam preparation strategies

International English Language Testing System also abbreviated as IELTS is conducted to evaluate the English language proficiency of the candidate aspiring to study abroad or immigrate to an English speaking country. Inorder to score good bands in the IELTS exam the only option is to practice and practice every single day. By practicing it doesn’t mean to dedicate the whole day behind it instead dedicate atleast 2 hours for your practice session regularly.

ielts coaching classes in ahmedabad Firstly, you need to understand that language cannot be improved in a single day. It requires regular practice which will help you to enhance your language, improve your vocabulary as well as score good bands in the IELTS exam.

ielts coaching classes in vadodara Try to solve as many study materials available online and identify the areas where you need to put in some extra efforts. Focus more on overcoming your weaknesses.

ielts coaching classes in v.v. nagar Follow the instructions given and answer to the questions accordingly. During the IELTS exam, time is your biggest enemy. So you need to defeat it by completing your test before time.

toefl coaching classes in ahmedabadFor writing test, specific time is allotted for both the task, so you need to get accustom to the test format which will help you to perform well.

toefl coaching classes in vadodara In the writing section, read the question first, understand the key information asked and plan out what to put on the paper. Don’t start writing without proper planning and organization of ideas. In the task 1, you will be having a word limit of atleast 150 words while in the task 2, atleast 250 words.

toefl coaching classes in v.v. nagarMake sure you write the correct spellings, use proper grammar, vocabulary, tense and punctuations.

GRE Coaching classes in ahmedabadRead newspapers, journals and books this will help you to stay abreast with the current affairs and news which might turn up for the writing or speaking test. By reading different books, you will get to learn new words which will help you to improve your vocabulary as well.

GRE Coaching classes in vadodaraListen to some videos, watch English movies or news channels such as BBC news, CNN etc. which will help you to get familiarize with the accent.

GRE Coaching classes in v.v. nagarFor listening test, always remember that the audio is played only once so if you miss out a conversation or a question don’t panic and move on to the next.

gmat coaching classes in ahmedabadEvery section in the listening task have pause which will help you to prepare for the next set of questions. The audio is played in the order in which the questions are given.

gmat coaching classes in vadodaraIn the reading section, don’t try to read the whole paragraph given to you. Just go through it once roughly and identify the key points such as the topic or any key information provided in each passage.

gmat coaching classes in  v.v. nagarAlways follow the instructions. If given the instruction to “use no more than three words” avoid using unnecessary words in between.

pte coaching classes in ahmedabadFor speaking test, you can choose to interact with your friends and colleagues in English language only. This will help you to build up your confidence in the language and perform well during the speaking test. It’s always helpful if we communicate with someone who can correct us when we are going wrong.

pte coaching classes in vadodaraWhenever you are practicing, practice as per the test format only i.e. appear for a mock test for 3 modules (listening, writing and reading) continuously within 2 hours and 40 minutes.

To perform well in the IELTS, honestly there is no secret mantra for it. It’s only through regular practice and hard work, you can score good bands.

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